Thank you for your trust in Smith Ridge as we navigate through this Covid-19 period. We have had much success in servicing our patients with our COVID Curbside protocols and are currently reviewing dates for reintroducing in-center appointments where clients can accompany their pets.

Thank you for your patience as we prep the center, the staff, and protocols to ensure the safety of all involved.

Stay tuned for updates as we navigate towards a new normal. We look forward to continuing to enrich the life and well-being of you and your pet...thank you for your patience and your trust during this time.

COVID Curbside service currently looks like this:   

Note, most human communication will be via phone or outside. We will work together with you to ensure you and your pet’s needs are met.

The following is a description of how an appointment may be:

  • When you arrive at the center for your appointment, we ask that you wait in the parking lot and check in from your phone by calling us at 914-533-6066.  Our front desk staff will take down a description of your car, your payment information for the appointment, as well as your cell phone number.  
  • A technician team member will either visit you at your car or call you on your cell number to gather the update information of what is needed for the appointment, as well as take down any questions you may have for your pet’s doctor.  
  • When your pet’s doctor is ready for the appointment, we will have a technician team member take your pet to get their examination.  During the exam and treatment we will ask you to kindly wait outside or in your car.  The doctor will call you on your cellular during the exam to discuss the exam, their recommendations, and to answer any questions…or they may come outside to speak with you.
  • Once the examination is over, a technician will bring your pet, as well as any medications or supplements to your car or meet you outside. 
  • When the appointment is complete and you have your pet and all items needed from the center, our front desk team will charge your card, email a receipt, and destroy your payment information immediately. 

By keeping human traffic through our lobby and building as low as possible, you and our staff are kept safe and pets can get the care that they need.