Dr. Seo grew up with his father, a Chinese medical practitioner performing acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, and Chinese herbal medicine—his father is still practicing.  

Witnessing numerous positive results of this Chinese way of medicine as a child, his dream of becoming an integrative medicine veterinarian naturally began.  He eventually travelled to the United States to start his journey.  After becoming a conventional veterinarian, obtaining his license in 1995, his desire to learn the integrative veterinary medicine grew.  This desire was driven deeper when conventional doctors gave up on his wife’s terminal and “hopeless” medical condition…after looking at alternatives, her condition was completely cured by Chinese medicine.  This happened right before he started to work with Smith Ridge Veterinary Center back in 2008.

Dr. Seo enthusiastically learned all necessary skills to treat numerous medical conditions of our beloved four legged companions with integrative methods under the mentoring of Dr. Marty Goldstein.  He worked with Smith Ridge Veterinary Center for seven years, developing many new integrative treatment protocols for various ailments of dogs and cats.  Through research and experience, Dr. Seo has treated many patients with various diseases, some terminal diagnosis, with very positive outcomes.

Dr. Seo left Smith Ridge Veterinary Center and practiced at a different clinic for four years, continuing to practice integrative medicine.  During his time away, he developed new protocols and added diagnostic skills in echocardiograms and ultrasounds.  It is with great pleasure to all that Dr. Seo rejoined Smith Ridge Integrative Veterinary Center in March, 2019.

Dr. Seo is a compassionate, honest, and patient individual.  He values client concerns and listens.  He discusses all possible diagnostic and integrative treatment options in an effort to help his client’s make a well-informed decision when taking care of the health and wellbeing of their beloved pet companions.

In his free time, he is very active participating in church and community activities, helping out other individuals.  He loves spending valuable time with his family – beautiful wife, 2 lovely daughters, and a very playful family cat named Kitty.