At the Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, our story is about a different approach to veterinary medicine. It's more than appointments, procedures, and prescriptions. It's care. And it's a partnership between you and us.

At Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, caring for your pet is a partnership.


Let's Work Together

No one knows your pet like you do, and we believe that your pet’s best chance for good health is through an open, understanding, and collaborative relationship with you.


Doing What's Best.

At Smith Ridge, we know that there’s not one “right way” to maintain wellness and treat illness. We offer a variety of options and help you decide on the best one for your pet. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each and then help you factor in your personal preferences, financial considerations, and knowledge of your pet.


You're the Expert.

We respect your observations and intimate knowledge of your pet. They are crucial to understanding what’s happening with your animal. At Smith Ridge, we rely on your first-hand knowledge of your pet and the work you’ve done to research your pet’s condition as we decide together on the ideal treatment plan.


When There's No Other Option.

Most of our clients have been told there’s no hope. But when they see the potential to join conventional medicine and alternative, complementary services, they often discover that there is hope for their pet. Smith Ridge has a reputation for saving animals that seemed beyond help and for partnering with pet owners to build the best treatment plan possible.


We’re Paving New Roads.

The integrative care we provide at Smith Ridge is new to many of our clients. From standard veterinary care to diverse treatment options for serious disease, our approach is likely to be very different from what you’ve known at other clinics. Our responsibility is to provide you with the information you need to begin to understand companion pet health in a new way.

Let Us Tell You the Smith Ridge Story

  • A Calm, Welcoming Atmosphere in the Waiting Area

  • Privacy in the Exam Rooms - with comfortable seating for you as your pet is examined.

  • Exam Tables with Non-Slip Mats - to reduce the stress of the visit for your companion. And if the exam tables cause stress, your doctor will have floor time with them during the examination

  • A 60-Minute Initial Appointment (and routine office visits which run 30 minutes rather than traditional 15 or 20 minute time slots) - which allows for quality time with our veterinarians to ask questions, explore options, and make sound decisions on behalf of your pet

  • Natural Lighting and Socialization with People - to further reduce stress by making our environment feel more like home

  • Natural Bottled Spring Water for All Pets - it’s healthier for pets in every way

  • Privacy and Stress Reduction - Every pet has his or her individual kennel positioned for increased privacy and reduced stress.