For 35 years, Smith Ridge Veterinary Clinic has been providing superior care and consultation. Our services are tailored for each guest, customized to reflect their exact preferences and meet their exact needs. From wellness check-ups to highly specialized treatments, Smith Ridge provides our animal companions with the treatment they deserve.

Animal Health from a Holistic Point of View


Maintaining Good Health for Your Pet

The Integrative Care Center at Smith Ridge is our primary service and has grown to be one of the nation’s largest integrated approach practices. The results we have achieved over the years point to the healing power of integrated veterinary medicine. The Center is where clients bring their animals in for routine wellness care or for treatment for sickness or injuries.


The Value of Smith Ridge Integrative Care

No Need to Choose

Clients who recognize that both conventional and alternative medicine can play an important role in the treatment of both sick and well animals don’t have to choose one or the other. They can access the wisdom and experience of conventional medicine and the innovations and opportunities of contemporary advancements. 

High-Tech Holistic Treatments

Many of the animals who come to Smith Ridge are seriously ill. They often don’t have months to experiment with simple herbal and homeopathic remedies. Our high-tech, holistic treatments go beyond simply resolving symptoms in our patients.

Intense, Hands-On Treatments

Newly-emerging non-toxic therapies and personal, hands-on care allow us to aggressively pursue health for your animal. At Smith Ridge, animals are given the best veterinary care available because we understand how to bring together the most effective tools from both worlds. The Center’s staff includes veterinarians trained by the clinic’s original founder, Dr. Marty. Our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and client service staff work as a team to provide the very best possible care of your animal.

Because clients come to us from all over the country, you can access our expertise at our Center or through a telephone consultation.


More Effective, Less Invasive Treatment

Cryosurgery is a form of surgery which involves the freezing of a diseased area of the body causing a rejection of that frozen tissue. Cryosurgery has been performed extensively at Smith Ridge over three decades. It is less invasive, less painful, tissue sparing and is the only form of surgery that is immune stimulating.  

Cryosurgery has been an integral part of cancer treatment at Smith Ridge Veterinary Center for more than 35 years. Although developed here initially for rectal fistulas, the application was successfully expanded to include a wide variety of cancers in which conventional surgical techniques are not possible or yield poor results.

Cryosurgery may be the primary treatment, or it may be used in conjunction with conventional surgery. When pet owners do not feel that conventional treatment techniques (such as amputation or radiation) are appropriate for their animals, or when conventional surgery is not an option, cryosurgery, as employed by the Cryosurgery Referral Clinic, offers a viable treatment choice for a variety of cancers, including oral, rectal and nasal tumors and some cutaneous tumors. 

*Referral Policy

Patients referred by their current veterinarians to the Cryosurgery Referral Clinic (located at Smith Ridge Veterinary Center) will only be treated for the condition for which they were referred. No routine care will be provided by the Cryosurgery Referral Clinic or Smith Ridge Veterinary Center.  

See What We Do and How We Do It

In addition to the wellness practices of our integrative care and our cryosurgery cancer-treatments, Smith Ridge also has a wide range of alternative and specialty services that bring healing and wholeness to our four-legged clients.


Acupunture ~ A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture uses thin needles placed in various parts of the body. Acupuncture is used for various illnesses, as well as ongoing well-care. Energy in the body becomes stagnated, resulting in inflammation, chronic pain, or illness. Qigong can help restore the energy fields back to a calm balanced state which promotes self-healing in the body.

Chiropractic Care

A chiropractic adjustment is defined as a short lever, high velocity controlled thrust by hand or instrument that is directed at specific articulations to correct vertebral subluxations. Chiropractic care is used for various reasons from pain management to some internal medicine disorders, as well as maintenance of joint and spinal health.


A form of surgery which involves the freezing of a diseased area of the body causing a rejection of that frozen tissue. Cryosurgery has been performed extensively at Smith Ridge over three decades. Cryosurgery is less invasive, less painful, tissue sparing and is the only form of surgery that is immune stimulating.


Dental disease is one of the most common problems in dogs and cats. Over half of all cats over the age of five and nearly 75% of dogs over the age of three have dental problems that require professional treatment. Untreated dental disease compromises the quality of an animal’s life and leads to pain, infection, tooth loss and potential infection to other organ systems. While the high quality diets we recommend can be very helpful in reducing dental disease, it is still very prevalent, especially in small dogs and cats.

Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC)

A unique alternative therapy program which is individually tailored per patient based upon illness, patient condition, bloodwork results, age, and other factors. This therapy is typically a three-consecutive-day treatment program and utilized to treat conditions like cancer, seizures, severe GI disease, and other health problems. It also helps maintain wellness in advanced stages of life.

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Ultrasound Imaging

Noninvasive imaging modality used to image internal body structures such as pancreas, liver, and other abdominal organs.


This is a non-invasive therapy which uses electricity to power a magnetic pulse directed via a wand or coil held over the affected body area. Magnawave therapy has been shown to increase oxygen absorption and protein synthesis within cells and increase circulation by causing dilation of blood vessels. These and a number of other physiological effects work in concert with one another to stimulate healing at a cellular level. This therapy is used to treat a variety of diseases including pain, soft tissue swelling, non-healing fractures, joint pain, and depression.

Metabolic Nutritional Analysis (MNA)

Metabolic Nutritional Analysis is a blood-based analysis of an individual pet’s specific blood work, creating a protocol of supplements to support individual nutritional needs.


A holistic therapeutic practice using breathing techniques and gentle exercise to restore and optimize energy to the mind, body, and spirit.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations are available at Smith Ridge for clients who are unable to travel to our offices. If your companion animal is ill, we unfortunately cannot diagnose by phone. But if you have already received a definitive diagnosis and are able to provide us with copies of relevant test results, we can, after reviewing the records and speaking with you, inform you about natural treatment options that have worked with animals having similar conditions.

Tui na

Often used in conjunction with acupuncture and Qigong, tui na is a form of Chinese massage therapy to improve the overall energy flow throughout the body.

Stem Cell Therapy

For joint or tendon pain, burns, and large wounds, thousands of pets around the world are being treated with Stem Cell Therapy. This same-day procedure utilizes advancements in healthcare technology for animals who have been injured or are experiencing chronic pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis. Stem cells, when activated, participate in the body’s natural repair process. After Stem Cell treatment, marked improvements in mobility and activity for your pet are often measured in as little as 30 days.

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